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Top 5 Formal Gown-Friendly Occasions

Whether you like it or not, your clothing is a mouthpiece that sends a message to the world about your beliefs, inclinations, values, and much more. For example, have you heard the story of the golf club owner who ended up behind bars because he was lounging in his club wearing drabby clothes?

Well, this extreme case is a mere example restating the universal fact – it’s best to dress for the occasion. This brings the focal point of this article – top occasions where your feminine grace and elegance are best displayed through a formal gown. So let’s check them out.


Occasions That Call for Formal Sartorial Elegance

The formal womenswear market in Australia is worth $9 billion. Do you also wish to hop onto the formal wear trend? Then, here are the top occasions where you can blend right in with the others!



Cracking the wedding guest dress code is easier than the world has led you to believe. However, it is befitting to wear a formal gown that honours the moment of marital exchange, being a monumental event in at least two people’s lives.

Of course, you do not want to outdress the bride. Nevertheless, your gown can be sophisticated and elegant; it can be cocktail length or maxi, depending upon your tastes. Perhaps you can customise based on the season, bridal party colour theme, etc.


Business Events

Are you a businesswoman? Then, you’re likely to receive invitations for events like galas, fundraisers, etc. With corporate attendees, you can’t be caught with your pants down! So instead, dress it up with a lovely formal floor-length gown.

However, remember that you choose a colour, fabric, and style that best match your unique personality. After all, putting your best foot forward is about confidence and comfort in what you wear.


Black Tie and White Tie Events

If there are events that exclusively call for formal dresses, they are black tie and white tie events. These could include extravagant weddings, evening galas, or birthday milestone celebrations. While cocktail dresses may work for black tie events, white tie events solely call for floor-length gowns.

While black would be a classic colour for both events, you can also opt for other colours. Just make sure they’re not too loud.


Prom Night

Prom night is one of those few occasions where you can flaunt your best formal wear. Dress to the nines in open backs, skirt slits, or plunging necklines (of course, not all in the same dress!). You can even opt for a high-low or asymmetrical hemline for the gown.

As for the fabric, choose between lace, glittery sheer, or intricate embroidery. Finally, choose colours that are not too flashy – think subdued earthy tones or experiment with trendy colours like crimson and sapphire.


What’s Your Sartorial Pick?

Once you’ve zeroed in on the dress, don’t forget to accessorise the ensemble with relevant heels, clutches, and lightweight jewellery. However, keep the look minimalistic so that the formal gown is the showstopper.

You can go for a dress that fits you like a glove or keep the gown A-line and flowy if that’s your comfort zone. In any case, let your unique personality shine through the dress, and you’ll be a head-turner in every formal and semi-formal event!

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