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Signs of a Blocked Drain

Having a blocked drain in your household is a nightmare. If you had to deal with one, we’re sure you don’t want to revisit the nightmare.

Drainage blockage doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. And with time, it only gets worse. By the time you finally notice, the damage has already been done.


What are the Warning Signs to Look For?

To help you prevent spending a part of your monthly budget on cleaning blocked drains, here are a few tips that can help you identify the problem beforehand.

1.     Filthy Smell:

Your food and other organic matter are getting composted there for the bacteria to work on them. Do you expect the smell of freshly baked cookies?

If you get an unpleasant odour, the pipes are the first thing you should check. A foul smell is the first sign that arises before any other sign. Since the food and other components are just rotting down there, every time water passes, it makes the smell worse.

2.     Unusual Sound:

After the smell comes the sound; if you get gurgling or unusual sounds from the pipes, it’s time to inspect their pipes. The sound comes from the air trapped in the pipes by the items blocking the line.

This sound may appear in your wash sink pipe or when you flush your toilet.

3.     Slow Water Drainage:

You will notice the water draining slowly if you have a blocked toilet or sink, you will notice the water draining slowly. If the pipe in your shower is blocked, the water will take time to go away.

If it is a problem with one pipeline, you will notice the water of that particular pipe taking time to drain. But if you are facing any issues with all the pipelines, you should check the main sewer system.

4.     Damp Floors and Surrounding Areas:

This is a very important sign which you should not ignore. Inspect the drainage immediately if you see damp walls, floors near the pipeline, or water seeping through small cracks.

A blocked drain prevents water from passing smoothly. As a result, it seeps out from any crack it gets. Ignoring this sign will only result in spending a lot on repair later.


So, What’s Next?

It is best to follow plumbing guidelines for your household to avoid any problems. But problems can arise anytime, even with a foolproof plumbing plan.

Even if you notice any warning signs mentioned above, it is a cause of concern. Do not wait for all the signs to crop up. Treating the problem when it is at its nascent stage can save a lot of effort and money.

When you identify the signs of a blocked drain, you should understand the severity of the problem. Is it something that you can handle on your own?

Then it’s time to get your hands dirty. There are drain cleaners available on the market. You can pour some drain cleaner down the pipes and plunge the drains. If the problem is not so severe, this should solve it.

But if it’s something that only professionals can solve, meddling with it can only aggravate the problem. The expert team at a reliable company can solve your issue right away. Just reach out to the right service provider and you can sit back and relax while they take care of your worries.

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