Custom Pallets: A Smart Investment for Any Business

Standard wooden pallets often fail to meet every need and purpose of every business. Hence one should start thinking about customizable pallets designed and manufactured to meet the industry’s unique and challenging demands. That’s why it’s always an excellent choice to invest in customizable pallets irrespective of one’s field of business. From offering safer shipping to manifesting into various artefacts, custom pallets always come in handy for any business to prosper.


How to Find the Best Ones

While all customizable pallets look pretty okay from the outside, the quality of each pallet varies significantly. One should always research well about the best custom pallet manufacturers familiar with the various types of these pallets before making the purchase.


Given below are some of the most popular types of these pallets. One can compare every kind of custom pallet with the demands of the individual’s business.


Block Pallets 

Block pallets are usually made of wood and provide a four-way passage, with wood blocks in between to support the load. Block pallets ideally consist of four to twelve blocks of wood to support the weight it handles. They can be lifted from all four sides, making them suitable for storage and easy transportation from one place to the other.


Scalloped Bearers 

The scalloped bearer is a type of pallet with cuts along the entire pallet length. They are ideal for shipping and transporting products like steel or plastic pipes. A perfect pallet manufacturer provides scallops of varying sizes and depths prescribed by their customers. By using scalloped bearers, one can ensure the safety of the product shipped, cancelling all the possibility of product damage and other storage issues.


Standard Australian Pallets

Standard Australian pallets are pallets of the standard size of 1165*1165mm and are utilized by all significant warehouses and shipping centers for ease of use. One should purchase the best Australian Pallets manufactured following stringent standards to ensure maximum quality.


Dunnage Pallets

Dunnage pallets safely transport perishable products like steel, glass and plastics from one place to another. It provides maximum protection to the products stored and transported by creating a barrier between products stored in bulk. Dunnage pallets prevent items stored from touching each other.


Decked Pallets

Decked pallets or pallet deck boards rest on a wooden block and forms a strong and steady base on which heavy objects are stored efficiently. Most of the decked pallets come with a bottom deck board allowing the pallets to be stalked on one other, saving up more space.

The strength of the decked pallets can be maximized using screws and other materials to make them last longer.


Double-Faced or Double Decked Pallets

As the name suggests, double-decked pallets contain decks on both the top and bottom sides of the pallet, efficiently balancing the weight of the product it carries. Double-decked pallets come in both reversible and irreversible models.



Crate pallets, more commonly known as crates, are large containers used to transport heavy goods overseas. Boxes are ideally made of wood. However, steel and aluminium crates are also popular in the market these days. Compartments are economical and reusable since the same containers can be used to store and transport various goods. Bins are most commonly used in automotive, engineering, steel, aluminium and plastic manufacturing industries.


As a responsible customer, one should learn about the variety of custom pallets available in the market to find the best pallet model that best suits your needs. And now that you know about them, you may start your search to find them!

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