Whenever an automobile possession is exchanged in New York State, it must undergo a safety examination every twelve months at a DMV licensed survey facility. Your vehicle must have genuine New York state survey certification. They are valid till the last day of the period given on the survey card.

For cars and light trucks

The New York State Auto Safety Assessment Program ensures that every vehicle licensed meets the standards required for safe use on open roads and motorways. In addition, most cars are tested for emissions to help reduce pollution levels.

A well-maintained vehicle is perfectly safe, works more, uses less fuel, and reaps the benefits of cash. You can participate between the annual exams and by having your machine security checked according to the company’s proposed vehicle service program.

What if your car survey is not correct?

Even if your vehicle is not legally inspected, you will not be able to extend your license and may face fines. In addition, you may be issued a parking permit.

New York State Vehicle survey Requirements:

Commercial vehicles in New York State are expected by law to have an appropriate work order at any time while driving on a busy road or route. Therefore, every automobile registration in New York State needs to be checked at least once every 12 months. The current survey must be tested before the license expires, but whenever the automobile is renamed.

Whenever a vehicle survey is required, the survey facility will inspect any automobile for which it is licensed or give the test time in writing within eight working days. If a date is set, the operator may request not to deposit more than the cost of the test. The exam must be completed with an official mark at a professional commercial vehicle survey licensed service center.

If your automobile fails safety and environmental tests, the test station must obtain your approval before proceeding with the modification.

What if I bought a car from a private vendor (not a dealer)?

If you buy or acquire a vehicle from a place other than a licensed dealer with the New York State DMV, you will be delayed by 10 days from the time of registration. This is because the first registry test is no longer valid.

What if I recently moved to New York and have my car registered here?

If your vehicle was registered in another county that requires an examination permit, you do not need to have it inspected right now. Your out-of-state exam is sufficient until it expires or one year from the day of certification, whichever comes sooner. Once your out-of-state inquiry has passed, you will need to take your exam in New York State.


Every 12 months, all cars registered in New York State must be tested for security and emission levels. New York State Exam Standards can be found here. Both investigations are necessary when transferring possession of a vehicle. (Emission testing is not required for all vehicles.) In addition, Dun Tire has a state-approved automobile survey facility in New York.

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