What kind of headphones you should buy in 2021?

Headphones have been one of the greatest innovations of the century in the sound industry. If you want to buy one for yourself. You will learn about the different kinds of headphones you should buy. Wired headphones have a plug that is plugged into a phone, player or tablet, or computer connector. Their advantage is reliability and zeroes power consumption.

Classic has the great advantage of wireless accessories. They do not bind and do not bind you to a computer or tablet. They have a range, usually at least 10 meters.

Wireless headphones connect to the main device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, rarely an infrared port. For this, a source of electrical power is provided in their structure: it can be batteries or rechargeable batteries that need to be charged. Headphones can be removed on long journeys. In addition, the signal transmission uses battery power from the phone/tablet. A good earphone is the Huawei Buds 3 which is amazing in sound quality and also excellent in terms of price.

Choosing headphones with or without wires is a matter of priority and only a necessity. In stores on real and virtual showcases, there is a huge selection of headphones of different designs and types from well-known and not-so-famous manufacturers.

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Original or Copy

When choosing branded headphones, you don’t want to pay too much for fakes, which can be found in large chain stores. What to look for:

  1. Price: Before visiting the store, check the manufacturer’s official website – this may include the price of the goods. The price of the sellers of the products should not be much different from what is stated in the source. Especially downwards.
  2. Packaging quality: Fonts and adhesive seams should be straight. Pay close attention to the text – in fact, without grammatical and spelling mistakes, letters and numbers do not “jump”.
  3. Visual overview of headphones: Wires do not stick, no cracks in unexpected places.
  4. Sound quality can often be checked after purchase: often, real and fake can also be heard from non-professional ears.
  5. The seller, who has nothing to hide, will provide the documents for the goods.

Only in an independent test laboratory is it possible to distinguish between real and fake.


If getting earphones, frustration is not your story, it is quite possible to get it through cheap headphones from unknown brands, there are many of them in the market. These are mainly Chinese products. In this case, it is enough to know the instructions or the features of the model mentioned on the website of the online stores.

If you want to buy goods on the internet, be sure to read the reviews – real buyers give an opinion about the product, based on which you can decide about the seller’s honesty and the consumer quality of the product.

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