Living Fancy on a Budget

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Living Fancy on a Budget

You may not have a big budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in squalor for the duration of your stay in Australia. There are numerous inexpensive methods to spruce up your house, whether you rent your property, share with friends, or live in student housing.

KT&CO Handles, IKEA bookshelves, and trinkets from local stores are some excellent ways to make your home fancy on a budget. Use a couple of these ideas to modernise your home without breaking the wallet!


Guide to Modernising on a Budget

Given the proper resources and time, upgrading your house to be more chic is not tricky. Doing your research and a little caution goes a long way. The following are some ways to decorate your home while saving some bucks!

1.     Painting the Walls

An average painting job costs anywhere from $2500 to $20,000 in Australia. This can be one of the most bank-breaking tasks while redecorating.

Buying paint and equipment online and painting the walls yourself is easier than you might think. All you need is some time to choose the right colours.

Pro Tip: Choose rich colours like warm whites to make your house look more sophisticated.

2.     Hardware

Choosing elegant hardware, such as KT&CO handles or some brass towel bars, might be the most inexpensive and game-changing way to ramp up this party. Elegant hardware is a subtle but vital way to refresh your house.

3.     Introduce Artwork

Art does not have to be costly. Many retailers sell affordable prints that are ready to display on the wall. A professional printing shop can also replicate a picture for you to frame.

You could also have a play date with your friends. Ask everyone to paint something and hang it up on your wall. This way, you have a fun afternoon with your friends away from stress and get some art for your walls!

4.     Go Local

Local yard sales and open houses are a treasure trove of inexpensive and fascinating things. You can always find an item in good condition and repaint it if you want! Look for shelves and lamps in good condition and upgrade them according to your liking.

5.     Play with Textures

By incorporating multiple textures into a space, you may get a customised (read: luxurious) aesthetic. Combine a rug with a wooden element like chair and metal accents. Add several throw cushions in different textures like silk and velvet to complete the appearance.

6.     Green Liveliness

Plants provide colour and liveliness to a space. Most indoor plants are tough and don’t need as much water as outside plants. Devil’s ivy, spider plant, and Chinese evergreen are all popular choices. If you are unsure about taking care of a natural plant, try purchasing a few fake plants.

A fashionable plant stand will provide the final touch to the decor.

7.     Be Bold

Always remember to have fun and be bold. Your house is your space, and you should be the only person who has to like it. Have fun with colours and accents, and get all the weird trinkets you want.

Playing with colours, objects and textures will bring out your style, which no book or instruction list will teach you!


Summing Up

Redecorating does not have to be expensive if you give it some time and planning. Pick up your brushes, wear some overalls and get this party rolling!

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