How To Create A Personal Logo In 10 Simple Steps

by Brandon Smith
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From capturing customers to increasing the conversions; a big portion of these things is connected to the logo. Many business owners do not realize the fact that a logo is their first and most prominent marketing component. The better your logo in terms of illustrations, clutter-free, and good design; the better it becomes for your business. 

A logo should be made in such a way that it should speak about the offerings your brand has to give. From having a personal logo to a commercial one; we believe that everyone who wants to establish themselves (including content creators like YouTubers and Bloggers) should have a logo. 

But the bigger question to ask here is what are the ways that one can create a personal logo. Because for commercial logos we already have a lot of content, guides, and other write-ups online. So this blog is for all the people looking for ways to create a personal logo.

What gets to the idea?

Now before you actually start designing the logo, what gets in your mind about the theme of the logo? This means what the options or ideas that you have been thinking about are? On papers, this is not the actual first step but brainstorming and realizing what all components should be there in the logo. This is the step when you think of the color, font, and other things. 

Steps, how you can create a personal logo

Creating a personal logo is an art and you have to follow certain parameters to get things right. Here are a few steps that should be taken care of:

  • Decide the name

This is the step where your brainstorming starts because if you are not an expert in making logos, all you need to do is decide things. And then let the experts club it together to give you the desired logo. Therefore, the first thing you need to do for getting your personal logo readied is think of the name. 

If you want to keep it after your name, or just want to keep the initials or a couple of alphabets. Whatever the combination be, you have to decide it beforehand. That’s important. Also, it is better if you decide on the tagline at this point in time. That will be a timesaver and helping hand in the future.

  • Reflection of your values

For every person who starts a business or works independently, there are multiple parameters. These help them to pitch their products in the market and also make the consumers believe in them. So, in the second step you will have to list down your values and then reflect them in your logo. It includes your strengths, personality, business idea, and other things.

Once you have determined the values of your company you can simply use colors and illustrations to make a good logo. These fonts, illustrations, colors, and images in the logo would further help your customers to know about you better. In today’s world, such values have a lot of impact and importance in the business world.

  • Take suggestions

One thing that many people neglect or think of as a useless point is taking suggestions. But on the other hand, there are many business owners and independent workers who take the opinion of not just their family members but also their friends and other people. In this point taking suggestions is important because it not just opens up the horizon of your mind but also gives you a lot of different and good ideas.

There have been times when taking suggestions for their personal logo has helped people in making their logos better. They have also found ways to overcome a problem that they were facing. Also when you get different ideas you understand how you can improve your existing logo.

  • Pick the right scheme

After the third point, your brainstorming finishes. Now the main task starts wherein you start creating a logo. In this you have all the right things already present in front of you; if you have followed the above steps correctly. When you start picking up the right scheme, you must make sure that you do that from scratch. This means right from the very beginning you will have to put together all the things that you have beat the color, font, art, illustrations, and any other component that you would want to include in your logo.

This is very important because it will help you in creating an intriguing logo that could make a good memory in your customer’s brain.  Isn’t that what you want? To be remembered for long and for the right time?

  • Typography is important too

Now you already have all the important components in front of you and all you need to do is put them together. But even while putting them together you’ll have to keep in mind a few things. And the first one has the right typography. Now, what does that mean? It says that the font you are using should be illustrative and done in the right way. If you are not aware of this fact, let us tell you, that not all fonts go well with all colors. You will have to determine that yourself and this is the time when it should be done.

  • Choosing the color scheme

Okay, After the font, it is time to correct your colour scheme. Yes you heard that right! All the elements have equal importance in your logo. You should be very careful while suggesting or selecting a colour palette for your logo. You should not choose colours that are too loud or sharp to the eyes. Make your logo sober and pleasing for the viewer. That way, catching attention and converting customers will be very easy and quick.

  • Check the logo styles

If your logo consists of multiple components then you will have to keep in mind the style correctness. That means while designing the logo you’ll have to check the logo style and correct it if there is a problem anywhere. This way you will get to enjoy the outcome because it will be very soothing to the eye.

  • Use any software or hire someone

This point is self-explanatory. If you have some technical understanding there are a lot of free software online where you just need to put your details in the AI-driven software that gives you the result. You get a logo created by the experts and it is a high-quality image. The best part is that all of it is free.

But there is another way to get even better things and that is by hiring someone. You can check the experts by having a look at their work.

  • Get the corrections done

If you believe that your first logo will be an absolute stealer, then you are wrong! Most of the time there are a few problems that have to be adhered to. You make your logo by yourself or get it done by someone else. This problem can arise in any condition. And when this happens you can simply get it corrected. Make sure that all the things that you want or reflect correctly. The best way to do that is to look at your logo as an audience.

If you are unable to make the right decision then take the help of your parents, family members, friends, or a community online. Ask them if it looks good and then only finalise.

  • Uploading the logo

With everything good to go the last step in walls upload your logo on the portals and websites and other places. 


Actually, there is no fixed way to create a personal logo. But we have brought to you the steps that are utmost necessary. Even if you have no idea what to do in order to make your logo, just follow these steps and it will help in creating a good logo. Not just those who have a private channel or business but even business owners do these things. 

They take a similar drill and there are other steps as well. But if you don’t want to do all this by yourself, logo design is always there to help you out. With experienced experts, there are tools and software that can help in making your logo look professional and good enough.

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