Everyday instances of misogyny

Relatively speaking, women have been around for as long as men on this planet. Yet, the novelty that women exist has not worn off. Every day, women are made to feel as if they are foreign entities that have men so amused. 

Misogyny, something that ideally should have never existed, or at least ended a long time ago, has yet to recede. In common terms, misogyny can be defined as the hatred for women, used interchangeably with male chauvinism and sexism. 

Often, the impact of the endemic misogyny is not understood. Some people may term it as harmless, however, only women who face it can comment on how this sexism affects them, their wellbeing, and their success. 

Furthermore, misogyny can also perpetuate instances of violence, emotion and physical, against women, which may then require them extensive sessions with the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore for to heal from. 

However, more concerning are the everyday forms of misogyny that are often shrugged off, not considered as dangerous, and basically, laughed off. This callous disregard for the impact of casual misogyny needs to be identified, called out and remedied. 

Everyday instances of misogyny

Absence of women in important spaces

Women are mostly absent from important discourses, and many a times, on matters that are directly concerning them. This absence is by design, and an example of the rampant sexism. 

Misogyny masquerading as chivalry 

Another form of misogyny is pseud-chivalry, in which men try to act magnanimous, but the intention is not that benevolent. It stems from the notion that women are unable to complete a task on their own. 

Cat calling 

Cat calling and ogling is something every woman experiences frequently. Men think of it as a compliment, and women should be flattered at it. 

It really is not. It is sexism. It is objectification of the female body. It is fundamentally an issue of male gaze. There is nothing remotely flattering about it. 

(Unfunny) Jokes 

Jokes are another avenue for misogyny. Either the jokes are lewd and thus completely inappropriate, or the jokes are based on stereotypes about women. 

Often, these jokes are shared just for laughs, and when called out, women are then told to take life lightly, don’t be so serious and similar ignorant statements that downplay the impact of such casual sexism.  

Jab at the appearance 

Women tend to receive jab on their appearance. Hurtful words, commentary on how ugly they look, observations about their dressing are often a by-product of rampant misogyny. 

Moreover, accomplishments of women are also attributed to their looks; they become successful because they are pretty or dress the part. It too is a blatant type of misogyny.

Spamming on social media 

Women are trolled on social media on many occasions. Their photos are subject to lewd commentary, their privacy is not protected. Feminism is used a slur. Any comment that tries to hold men accountable gets hatred, threats and what not from men. 

So many female journalists have shared their daily experiences of receiving rape threats that are the only tool men have to silence dissent. 

Similarly, women are also harangued and harassed in the messages as well. Random men drop follow and friendship requests, which too, is a form of misogyny. 

Advancing against misogyny

The fight against misogyny has been going around for decades, if not centuries, and yet male chauvinism has yet to recede. That does not mean that women give up, but it means that each strives with relentless in the pursuit of God-ordained rights. 

Of course, the onus also lies on women; not only men, but many women are also misogynists who takes steps to promote the system that favors women. Be better than that. 

For those suffering from the impact of misogyny, it may also require interventions that improved their mental health, for which may then have to visit a reputable institute like Shamshad Aslam Uppal Hospital.

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