Effects of Social Media on Youth and Teenagers

Impact of Social Media on the Youth

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Top 3 Effects of Social Media on Youth and Teenagers

We all know that the positive and negative effects of social media are a trending and hot topic these days. Undoubtedly our youth and teenagers are most affected by the use of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Today we will try to talk about some of the severe negative effects of social media on youth. Many of our young people have ruined their lives by the overuse of social media. From academic careers to life, young people have lost a lot due to excessive use of social media. Let’s talk in detail about some of the factors.

Negative effects of social media on youth

Lack of interest in education

Most parents claim that their children are getting low grades due to excessive use of social media. They are so used to cell phones, tablets, and laptops that they hardly find time for their studies. As a result, they are getting lower grades and some students have been expelled from their educational institutions. In addition to a lack of interest in the study, those who suffer from poor health and poor mental health.

Most students are also interested in following unknown friendships on social media channels that have ruined their academic careers. In short, they are living in an imaginary world instead of facing the harsh realities of life.

Rude and fearless behavior

Also, many teenagers are using social media to influence the wrong people like gangsters, drug lords, and the consequences are devastating. They follow negative people and make them ideal who create a fearless attitude in them. They are fearless of many things, including the rules and regulations of a state. This fearless mentality is very dangerous for any community and even for a state itself. Therefore, we need to educate our youth not to follow negative and wrong personalities.

Bad groups and unknown friends are following

People have joined some irrelevant and unknown groups on social media websites for no purpose. Unfortunately, there is no one in these groups to monitor what is happening and what is being discussed. I have personally seen some young people join unknown groups where news about hooligans is posted. Our youth are taking negative inspiration from these groups and as a result, they may commit some serious crimes by following these groups which promotes a negative mentality.

Many young people also claim that their personal information has been leaked from their social media accounts. Sometimes, their accounts are hacked and sometimes they accuse the owners and teams of social media websites of spying on them.

I agree that there are some positive aspects of social media along with negative ones. Therefore, everyone should use these websites carefully. Never make your personal and sensitive information public on these websites. These security measures are essential for the safe use of social media websites.

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