Document Verifier Software – An Easy Way To Examine Client Profile

The document verifier utilizes legal ID paper to validate the identity of the customer. It can be a person who manually performs checks and assessments. Or it can be a computer application that is used to perform authentication operations. The document verifier is appointed by every organization for secure customer onboarding. The firms are keen to work with verified clients and businesses. Verified customers provide a productive curve for any organization and increase the success rate. Other than that, the document verification process is also crucial for preventing illicit activities within an organization.

What Is Document Verification?

The document verification technique is used to verify clients based on their ID documents. The legal paperwork issued by the national offices and verified authorities is known as the documents of the customers. All these papers provide authentic information related to the client’s identity. The use of automated software for this process is increasing as new organizations are looking for computerized solutions. The software-based solution uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze and validate the documents of the clients. It also uses optical character recognition technology for faster data extraction from documents. 

Advantage Of Using Document Verifier Software

The document verifier software is an automated solution for most businesses. It provides a computerized workflow to validate and verify the legal paperwork of the clients. The digital document verifier solution is AI-based software that automatically detects and validates the documents. It is also an easy solution for firms to quickly evaluate their customers.

Automated Verification Solution

The document verifier software performs verification checks. It is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that are executed automatically to check whether the documents are valid or not. The automated process of document authentication increases the performance of the system and reduces the time consumed. Firms use this method to verify their clients in real-time.

Identity Fraud Protection

Preventing identity fraud is the main concern for most organizations. It is essential to provide a secure environment for the staff within the company. To protect against identity fraud, firms use automated Document verification solutions. The document verifier is developed with active fraud prevention protocols and it works to perform customer identity evaluation. 

Secure Customer Onboarding

A secure onboarding process is carried out by businesses on new customers with the assistance of document verifier software. The phase of new enrollment of clients is risky for every organization. To help eradicate the concern, new customers are verified by a document verification solution. With this method, document scanning, and verification becomes easy and effective.

Proof Of Identity In Real-Time

A document verifier solution provides a real-time identity proof of the client to the organization. This software scans and verifies the client from different databases worldwide. It contributes to Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and provides an effective outcome. The real-time processing is secure as it verifies the customer on the go and reduces the time taken by manual document verification checks.

How Does Document Verifier Works?

The document authentication process of this software works very well, even in remote environments when the client is not directly interacting with the organization. The document verifier software processes the documents of the client in simple steps.

Acquire Documents

The first step is to use a camera device to take images of the legal document. This step is performed to upload the digital copies of issued paperwork into the document verifier solution. Remote processing is also performed in which the clients themselves upload photos of their identity cards and other ID documents into the system.

Extract Data

Further analysis is performed on the document to extract data. The gathered information from these papers is used to verify the customers. Different types of text are obtained from the documents, for example, the name of the customer, age, and nationality. This information is processed to verify the client. The optical character recognition (OCR) technology plays an important role in this data extraction phase.  The data is gathered by automatic scanning via the OCR systems.

Verify Documents

The verification phase performs automated document validation checks on the client’s uploaded files. The customer is verified after processing all the necessary data from these documents.


The document verifier software is important for each organization that performs verification of documents operation. It was done manually in the past but now the new software solutions have made this process easy and more secure. These automated document authentication systems perform fast scanning on the documents of the customer and provide results in real time.

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