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How To Style Closure Bob Wig?

Bob hairstyles are one of the most beautiful and trending styles that you can wear. A closure bob wig will always give you the perfect bob style that you have always wanted. However, when you are wearing your bob wig often, you have to do a little shaping here and there to have the finest bob hairstyle again. So scroll down below and check out the steps to achieve the perfect bob wig style!

Trimming Into Shape 

If you already have the closure bob wig, you can directly jump on to the next step, but if you have a different kind of long hair wig, trimming your wig into shape to create the bob style is important. 

For that:

  • First, put your wig on a wig stand. 
  • If you are using a body wave closure wig, you straighten the hair first and then start with the following procedures. 
  • Section the front side of the hair and the backside of the hair differently 
  • Use a clip to hold the sections. 
  • Then with the help of clippers or scissors, measure the length of the bob you want and start to trim the backside of the hair first. 
  • Clippers are recommended if you have as they will give you the blunt straight texture that you would want in a bob hairstyle. 
  • While cutting the hair, make sure that the hair is cut into slope; with the backside shorter and as and when you go in the front, cut them a little longer. 
  • The middle portion of the back should be cut short and gradually cut longer as you get to the front. 
  • Cut the front side of the hair longer than the back, as it will give you a sleek, polished, and sophisticated look!

Styling The Bob 

Styling the bob wig is pretty simple and fun if you have the right tools! For styling your closure bob wig, you will need a straightener and a rat tail comb to smooth and sleekness on your hair.

For styling your bob wig:

  • Put the human hair closure wigs on top of a wig stand 
  • Detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb 
  • Once it is fully detangled, take your rat tail along with your straightener and then straighten the bob wig in sections 
  • Start to straighten from the backside of your gradually moving upward.
  • After straightening your hair, flaunt them with a nice outfit!

Why Choose To Wear Bob Style 

Wearing a closure bob wig gives you the versatility to style in different hairstyles. It is one of the trending hairstyles you can wear to make your style shine through. Also, any color for your human hair closure wig will allow you to slay your looks perfectly. 


A lace closure wig has a light and pleasant texture. It expresses distinctiveness and gives you self-assurance with your style. Furthermore, shorter hair requires less time to maintain. Seek maintenance tips from above and always find a way to slay your looks!

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