Azerbaijan Visa Types And Their Purpose

The Azerbaijan visa can be easily gettable and the meaning of the word Azerbaijan is the guardian of the fire. It is a beautiful country and was liberated in 1991. The country has a rich history and traditions, therefore the visitors all around the world want to visit the country. If you are going to visit the country and want to get the Azerbaijan visas, for the first time it is necessary to know the type of Azerbaijan visa, you can apply as a visitor to the country. There are different types of visas in Azerbaijan and we are describing them in this article.


Types of the Azerbaijan visa: 

There are the following types of Azerbaijan visas, you can apply and get, the whole procedure of all the Azerbaijan visas are different from each other, so you need to understand their purpose and perspective:

Tourist Visa of  Azerbaijan:

 The tourist visa is especially for the tourist who wants to explore the beauty of this country. The  Azerbaijan evisa for tourism purposes is valid for 3 months or for 1 year time. You can apply for the single entry or the multiple entry Azerbaijan evisa for the duration of 3 months or for the 1 year, when you differ in the duration of your visa validity the fee structure would be different for each of a particular duration.

Business Visa Azerbaijan:

 The purpose of the business visa of the Azerbaijan evisa is to conduct any sort of business in the country. For this type of the Azerbaijan evisa, you need a company letter to the Azri embassy, and clearly describe the nature of your business, if you want to stay only in the capital Baku then you may need to apply for the Baku visa separately, you also have to describe the business companies, you are interested to work with them as a business partner.

Students Visa Azerbaijan:

 The student Azerbaijan visa is applicable to the students who want to study in the Azri universities, for this you need to submit the admission form and the fee application of the prescribed universities, if you have provided these documents then the processing may be simple and fast for  Azerbaijan visa. So students can study in their universities. Students from the subcontinent are quite interested in getting admission in the Azri universities especially in the Medical college and Engineering Universities.

Diplomatic visa Azerbaijan: 

The diplomatic Azerbaijan visa is for the diplomats and the official going to visit the country, this is a VIP type of visa, so its procedure is quite different from other visas.  The diplomatic visas are issued on the special request of a foreign government and their processing is done at a fast pace.


The Azerbaijan visa is a fast processing visa, all you need to verify is the type of visa you require and the purpose of visiting the country, as the processing and the credential for each type of visa are quite different from each other. So describe to the embassy authorities what is the purpose of your visit to the country, then they can reply to you with appropriate documents and the particular fee for the Azerbaijan visa application processing.

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