Your Guide To Flooring Options For Office

Sitting in a quiet space for most working people increases productivity until you are an extraordinary human being. On the other hand, sitting in an office with poor acoustics can impact daily life and work productivity.

Unwanted noise can disrupt productivity, whether the sound of a colleague’s chatter or a working printer.

The flooring type plays a crucial role in controlling volume levels in the office. Installing acoustic carpet tiles can help reduce noise levels and distracting elements.


Why does considering acoustics matter?

In any workspace, the phone ringing, working printer, co-workers talking, coffee machines and much more contribute to noise levels.

It affects the emotional well-being of a human being. As your productivity decreases, it builds up to being irritated and frustrated. It sometimes even results in stress and depression.

Constant interruptions bring an inability to focus and hamper communication and concentration.

It is thus essential for modern offices to include the proper acoustics.

Best flooring options


  • Carpet tiles: These are most preferred when it comes to selecting flooring material for office use. It is a soft floor covering that adds aesthetic value to the office’s interior.

It has a high sound-absorbing feature. A thick carpet absorbs more noise.


  • Timber floors: It is a laminate flooring board that is light in weight and has a hard surface. It is not a desirable choice, but improvements can be made for better sound absorption. You can add acoustics pads underneath the board for sound absorption.

It is helpful in residential developments where houses are close to each other.


  • LVT: Luxury Vinyl Tile or the LVT comes in numerous designs and is an excellent functional and elegant solution. It offers strong durability and high resistance.

They offer acoustic backing to the floors, and even the sound of steps of a person walking gets reduced. They do not require maintenance, as in the case of woods.



Benefits of carpet tiles

Acoustic carpet tiles can be installed on floors in many creative ways. These come with pre-attached backing for sound absorption, making installation easy and quick.

Followed are a few benefits of using these tiles in the office space:

  • Ease in the installation: These tiles are easy to carry around and can lift or transport anywhere. The pre-backed finish makes it easier to install on subfloors.

It saves time and effort and requires no additional effort.


  • Less waste: The tiles produce less waste during installation. It makes them more preferred as little adjustments and cutting is required even in rooms with odd dimensions.

Architects prefer this for clients to see sustainability and longevity in their tiles.


  • Style Diversity: Carpet tiles in the past came with less design versatility. They came in thin squares formed in a few colors and designs. However, this notion is wholly changed today.

Now, these tiles are available in numerous colors and designs. It enhances the overall ambience as it is easy to maintain and customize according to office dimensions.

Carpet tiles vs carpet sheets

Carpet tiles are an easy and durable alternative to your regular carpeting. They are easier to cut into different shapes according to the odd dimensions of office space and come in various colors and textures.

These are easier to replace when worn or torn from any side.


Carpet sheets feature one solid material with a covering of several synthetic layers. There is no sewing involved, and each layer is stitched together.

This type of flooring is popular among households even though it doesn’t always match their preferences.


Summing up

Carpet tiles are more appealing and last long. These are best at absorbing sound waves and boosting employee productivity.

While there are many options available for acoustic carpet tiles, it is essential to consider all things before installing one. Finding tiles to a balance between aesthetics and functionality is thus crucial.

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