Why is teaching such a suitable career?

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Teaching is a stable career because we need to up skill & innovate to sustain in the future.

Even during the pandemic, schools have functioned & teachers have taught through online mode. It is a recession proof that commands respect & stability.

Had we not innovated better farming techniques, we would have starved with such a vast population. For the challenges of the future, we study to engineer new discoveries.

Millions lost their lives & livelihood to corona.

Through research & development, our scientists have devised the corona vaccine. Such adversaries will keep on coming in the future.

Through innovative teaching, teachers have nurtured scientists who will keep on making new discoveries.

The onus of the country’s growth lies in the teachers. They will equip the future generation with the in demand skills crucial for success.

The National Education policy envisages the role of a teacher as primary.

The appointment of Dr. K Kasturirangan, former ISRO chairman as the head of the NEP drafting panel, reflects the importance of teachers.

No country can progress without dedicated teachers. They are the founding pillars of the country’s growth & development.

No tom Dick & Harry can become a teacher. Teaching requires proactive thinking & problem solving to resolve the query.

Some institutions are doing a commendable work in the teaching domain. One such institute is

VGI nurtures teachers who are experts in problem solving, critical thinking & decision making. The most in demand skills. There need has quadrupled owing to the challenges faced in jobs.

VGI has hired trainers to educate our students on these skills that make us the best B.Ed. colleges in Meerut.

The world requires decision takers. Businesses survive on their ability to take timely decisions. Time is money.

VGI through case studies develops conceptual understanding. Students work on actual cases & develop critical thinking to make us the best colleges for a B.Ed. in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

We teach decision taking through role plays that nurture confident teachers. Teaching is no longer confined to the classroom. It happens through observation & field visits.

VGI conducts field visits where students learn to behave & lead a group. This develops team spirit that makes us the best colleges for a B.Ed colleges in Meerut UP.

Knowledge is best internalized through practice. VGI provides internship to its students. They gain hands-on skills in leading schools leading to placement that makes us the best colleges for B.Ed. in Meerut UP.

Teaching is a profession that commands respect. We prepare teachers who are experts in demonstration. When a teacher presents a exam topic well, the child grasps it easily.

We have created a demo room for practicing lectures. This allows students to judge their presentation & receive feedback.

Students master the art of presenting & nurture as outstanding teachers to make us the best B.Ed. colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

They achieve excellence through dedication in their profession. VGI celebrates the teachers’ day with fanfare.

This embodies a sense of pride in our students regarding their profession. We celebrate no other profession in this way as the teaching one is.

These activities encourage students for excellence to make us the best B.Ed. colleges in Meerut UP.

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