Which Tattoo Ink Should You Choose?

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When it comes to Tattoo Ink, there are a tonne of brands out there to choose from.  It’s great to have a lot of colour options, but it can be a bit overwhelming especially for new tattoo artists who are still trying to figure out which inks and colour palettes work best for them. The vibrancy and finish of tattoo inks can vary quite a lot from brand to brand, so it’s important to find out which inks will give you the best results, whilst ensuring they are high-quality, safe tattoo inks from reputable brands link Kingpin Tattoo Supply!

Aside from the choice of colours, the main difference between ink brands are the ingredients the ink is made up of, and the measures of these ingredients.  It’s important to choose brands which contain organic ingredients, as organic inks tend to use carriers such as purified water and pigments that are made from all natural elements which make them much safer to use.  Don’t opt for brands which refuse to disclose what ingredients their inks contain.

The safety of your customers is paramount, so your tattoo inks should be produced to the highest industry and health standards, pre-sterilised, and packaged safely.  Nowadays most tattoo inks are vegan friendly, and this is a really important factor for a lot of artists too.

Most tattoos will fade over time, but opting for the best tattoo ink brands will ensure that the inks fade a lot less.  Of course, it’s important to continue to look after tattoos years after the tattoo is made, but good quality inks will certainly help with the longevity of the tattoo.  Different types of inks have different purposes and will produce varying results. Some inks are made specifically for lining, whereas others are others are intended for colouring solid areas, and the style of tattooing you do will have an influence on the type of ink and coverage you go for.

Talking with other artists is a great way to get honest, tried and tested opinions on different ink brands, but it’s important to remember that what may work for one artist may not necessarily be right for another, so try out different brands and find out what works best and feels right for you.
Radiant Colors
All the way from Los Angeles, Radiant Tattoo Ink has been around for over 10 years, providing the tattoo industry with top quality, bold and brilliant colours.  In 2016, the Radiant brand undertook a huge transformation, reformulating their tattoo ink, making it better than ever.  The Radiant team worked closely with renowned tattoo artists across the globe, using sophisticated technology to create a sterilised, uncut homogenised organic pigment which produces solid, long-lasting, and bright colours.  Radiant Ink is completely vegan friendly. Unlike many tattoo ink brands, Radiant’s whole range of standard colours is available in 1/2oz bottles, (as well as 1oz and 2oz), which is ideal for those who are wanting to try it without committing to a larger bottle.
Eternal Ink
One of the leading brands that are proven to be non-toxic is Eternal Tattoo Ink. Their inks are composed of organic pigments, free from any animal by-products so are vegan friendly.  Founded by Terry “Tramp” Welker, Eternal Tattoo Supply has been around since the 1980’s, and are one of the most established tattoo brands out there.  Their main goal is to constantly look for ways that will help and support tattoo artists in creating high quality, lifelong designs
Intenze Ink
Mario Barth, Intenze Tattoo Ink founder has dedicated years of his life producing high quality sterile tattoo inks.  Intenze probably have one of the largest range of colours on the market, and their top quality tattoo inks meet both USA and EU quality standards, with a third-party lab verifying their purity after they are sterilised. Intenze inks flow well and go in nicely to the skin, and the crisp colours stay vibrant for years.  They’re vegan friendly too.

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