Top Bougie Things to Do in Canberra for International Students

Canberra is one of the top student destinations in Australia for its plethora of opportunities and vibrant culture. The Australian capital city offers students some of the top-rated universities, excellent employment opportunities, and stunning attractions. With immaculate student accommodation Canberra and its fast paced atmosphere, international students enjoy living in the city. Looking forward to your Canberra experience? Here are some of the must-do activities that will make uni life comfortable and eventful!

★ Take a hot air balloon ride
You can check this one off your bucket list. Canberra has a number of hot air ballooning spots that are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Several hot air balloon flights are available for you and your friends in the city! You wake up at dawn and watch the sunrise below you in this awe- inspiring adventure.

★ Taste some of the world’s finest wines
We know this is the kind of adventure you’re looking for. And you know what? We’ve got you covered. A number of popular wine tasting tours and breweries around the city have just what you need after a long week of university assignments. Acclimate yourself to some of the best drinks at wine tours hosted by experts. Trust us, this is better than the wine parties at your student accommodation in Canberra.

★ Tickle your tastebuds
Calling all foodies to the table! Bored of cooking in your student accommodation in Canberra? This one is for your tasteful palette. Canberra boasts a variety of cuisines and eateries that will make you feel like you’re traveling the world! It’s got popular food trucks, hipster cafes, and fine dining options that will make your Instagram feed look aesthetically pleasing. From modern to traditional, Canberra’s got a mouthwatering food scene that’ll keep your belly satisfied for days.

★ Head over to Lonsdale Street
Kick back at Lonsdale Street where you’ll come across some of the trendiest restaurants, shopping avenues, and delicious bakeries. If you see the hipster, chill vibe that surrounds this area, you’ll frequent Lonsdale quite often! It’s lined with delicious restaurants and artisanal bakeries that are calling out your name. You can also hire e-scooters in the area to explore the

place. If you’re bored of your student accommodation in Canberra, step out to Lonsdale Street’s fresh and relaxing ambience.

★ Become one with nature at the zoo
Turns out you can do two things at once! At the privately-owned National Zoo and Aquarium, you’ll find creatures that will make you feel like Mowgli, and fish that will make you want to be a mermaid/merman. Experience feeding a bear and cuddling with a cheetah at the wildlife sanctuary where man meets wild. You can find your favorite animals, from adorable Australian koalas and kangaroos to endangered bears and rhinos. Get immediate experience with flora and fauna from the distant parts of the globe in this beasty experience!

★ Enjoy a festival/event
Canberra hosts some of the world’s most popular events and festivals. Enlighten is one of Canberra’s biggest festivals and takes over the city from February to March. Experience colorful light shows, great food, and some fashionable (and Instagrammable) art installations. Floriade is another festival that annually displays over a million flowers, with markets, entertainment, music, workshops, and more to keep you busy. We’ll have you know that enjoying Canberra’s festivals is totally free! You can also check whether your student accommodation in Canberra organizes events, socials, workshops, competitions, and excursions for residents.

★ Live life to the fullest at the NewActon precinct
NewActon is one of Canberra’s most eclectic spots in the city. It’s often called the “New York” of Canberra because of its delicious meals, award-winning baristas, and exclusive art pieces. NewActon brings it all together and fosters a sense of community with a friendly and hospitable neighborhood. The precinct is always one of the top recommended spots in Canberra for anyone whos visiting for a short time.

Canberra is home to award-winning attractions and experiences that make life in the city truly memorable. You can find friendly, like-minded people from all over the world in your student accommodation in Canberra, along with access to some excellent food and nightlife. From fascinating arts and culture to trendy and fast-paced standards of living, Canberra throws students into the deep end of great experiences.

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