One of the most rewarding careers, for both the pursuers and the recipient of the career service. However, this is also a career that might not sit right with everyone! A career in nursing is more a lifestyle than anything else. One has to prepare for all that they might have to deal with during their career.

Why Nursing:

A career in nursing is one that will always be in high demand without a doubt! But this is not the only criterion for which you should look into pursuing a career in nursing. A qualified nurse can prove to be a huge asset for a medical practice and for his/her patients as well. A nurse with a specific set of skills can truly change the course of a patient’s life, helping them recover from their illness and deal with it better as well!


Here are the top 10 skills that a nurse needs to have to excel in his/her nursing career.

1.     Empathy:

It is extremely important that a nurse be able to put themself in their patients’ shoes in order to understand what the latter might be going through. Hospitals are not the happiest of places for most patients and no one likes being or even feeling ill. A nurse who is able to reassure his/her patient during the time they get their treatment can truly have a huge impact on the patient’s ability to feel better and even in the healing process. For any recovery to happen, a suitable environment should be established, and this is where an empathetic nurse can truly be of help.

2.     Good Communication Skills:

A nurse without good communication skills can seldom excel in the field. Since nurses happen to be the medium between the patients, doctors and the family of the patients, it is important that their communication skills are on point. Everything from writing down the right medications and communicating the same need to be done impeccably. If not, it could potentially have devastating consequences. When a nurse is good at communicating with his/her patients, they are able to establish a better relationship with them. This in turn helps the patient feel more at ease than anything else.

3.     Be Emotionally Stable:

If not anything else, then nursing jobs can be one that is extremely mentally demanding. From being ecstatic one minute to getting frustrated the next, the job can be a true emotional roller coaster, to say the least. However, to be able to manage and look after all the needs of their patients and the doctors, it is important that a nurse be emotionally stable. Even with all the emotions that a nurse might be feeling, they should not let these emotions hamper their work.

4.     Open to learn:

The healthcare sector is one that is constantly evolving every step of the way. In order for one not to get left behind, it is important that they be open to gaining more and more knowledge as they progress in their career.

5.     Have an open mind:

A nurse, throughout their career, has to deal with different kinds of patients. Some of these patients could be the kind whose ideals might not bode well with the nurse. Others might have opinions that a nurse might not agree with the least. However, keeping all these differences aside, a nurse has to simply look at them as their patient and someone who needs their help to get better.

6.     Have critical thinking:

Being able to think objectively happens to be a huge strength for any good nurse. It is important to take a rational approach towards the facts they are aware of and reach a conclusion in an objective and unbiased manner. A nurse who is a critical thinker is able to interpret the data provided to them better and help prioritize the patient’s wellbeing more. Nurses need to keep in mind that any professional decision that they make is theirs alone and their medical practice is not responsible for it.

7.     Be Assertive:

An assertive nurse is able to put across their point better to a senior in a non-aggressive manner. Since nurses are essentially their patients’ advocates, it is important to display assertiveness on certain occasions not only for themselves, but also for their patients. Yes, being assertive might lead to certain awkward confrontations between a nurse and his/her coworkers, but in the long run, it will help one earn respect from the same people.

8.     Be Flexible:

A nurse can seldom have a normal, quiet day in their entire career. From running around in one section of the hospital one second to finding themselves summoned to a completely different wing is a normal day in the life of a nurse. In the course of a day, from being the caregiver and sometimes the mother to newborns, nurses need to be willing to do what it takes to help the patients feel better. Thus the need for flexibility!

9.     Be Reliable:

It is important that a nurse be reliable so that one can expect you to do the job you are given, well. Sometimes your colleague might drop the ball on something they were to do. During this time, your ability to pick that ball up and do a decent job of the task will establish your credibility and reliability with the team!

10.   Be Ethical:

A moral compass in a nurse is of the utmost importance. Being able to decipher between what is wrong and what is right is important. This in turn will help them make the best decision they can for their patient’s health and recovery.

The Bottomline:

A nurse in possession of these skills and qualities can truly prove to be a brilliant asset to a medical practice, as well as an amazing caregiver to his/her patients without a doubt! Apply jobs in Newnan GA with

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