The Best Men’s Bomber Jackets

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Men’s bomber jackets that are sartorial chameleons are the greatest. They can transition from tough to sleek to street in the blink of an eye. And they’ll go with nearly any fit in almost any wardrobe—which is why you need one in yours.

Originally develop to keep pilots warm in the cockpit during World War I, the bomber jacket. Like so many other menswear mainstays, began its existence in the military.  Those early flight jackets eventually evolved into a wide range of civilian takes. We know and love today—from slick nylon windbreakers to boxy leather varsities. But a few of the most iconic details remained the same: ribbed hems and sleeve cuffs to keep the cold air out; fuller fits for easy layering; and a crop, above-the-waist length to make sitting in a cramped fighter jet easier. While wearing one That shortened length is more than just practical.

It’s also really attractive, and it’s ideal for lengthening your legs and displaying all of your squat work at the gym. The bomber flatters every body type. Whether you’re wearing it with high-waist slacks or mid-rise jeans.

With so many variations on the market now, you’re sure to find a high-flying bomber jacket that suits your style and preferences. We’ve picked up a baker’s dozen of the absolute greatest men’s bomber jackets to slip into again and over again, whether you prefer to keep things clean and traditional, dip into something a little wilder and louder, or get outlandish with a high-end designer rendition.

The Bomber Jacket is a type of jacket that is worn by men

The Alpha Industries MA-1 is perhaps the first bomber jacket that comes to mind when you think of a bomber jacket. It’s been a streetwear classic for a long time, appearing on the backs of Pharrell, Ye, and a slew of other celebrities. Alpha dabbles with modern interpretations and high-fashion collaborations, but its MA-1 bomber is a timeless icon for a reason: it’s built to the same exacting specs as the ones supplied to Air Force pilots in the 1960s, with a wealth of pockets inside, outside, and on the sleeve.It’s also reversible, with an extra swervy orange on the opposite side for those days when you want to go all out. There’s no outfit this classic bomber jacket can’t pilot, whether it’s a plain white T-shirt and faded denim or a button-up shirt and slim-fit slacks.

Bomber Jacket in a Minimalist Style

If you don’t like the conventional puffy and cropped cut, Everlane’s take on the bomber jacket or leather jackets is the perfect toned-down version. It’s cut from a delicate, matte cotton-poly twill and is thinner through the body. Those design choices make an already elegant jacket even more so, allowing it to easily fit into any outfit.

Bomber Jacket for the Big Man on Campus

The varsity jacket is back in style thanks to guys like Tyler, the Creator. Although you may not have received a varsity letter in high school, the prepped-up take on the bomber may still get you plenty of street style points. The classic varsity from Stewart & Strauss is inexpensive and well-made, but the sheer quantity of colour variations (48!) to pick from is its main selling feature.

The Bomber Jacket That Isn’t Too Expensive

Since 1953, Rothco has been supplying military clothes and continues to develop some of the world’s most durable products. With its water-resistant nylon shell, utility pockets, reversible hi-vis orange inside, and surplus-store-level price, their MA-1 flight jacket is about as real as it gets.


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