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The 6 Most Sought-After Foundations In The Markets

Foundation is a cosmetic item for face beautification. It gives uniformity to the complexion and also covers flaws. It also changes the natural skin tone to a desirable one.  Foundations are an integral part of cosmetics. Without setting a foundation, no one can get their makeup look ready. So the foundation is necessary for every makeup enthusiast, and it is essential to achieve a flawless foundation look.

There are several sorts and shades of foundation. One must select a foundation that best matches their skin type. A shade that is not on point and mismatched will ruin the look. Also, look for the type that suits you best and is convenient to use. This selection varies from person to person. For example, some like liquid foundation while others like cream foundation. All these different products are available on shelves packaged in their boxes. Most of the items have custom foundation boxes that highlight their type, shade, and usage.

Most popular foundations:

Some people obsessively follow makeup trends. In current times, makeup has become essential for most people. Many enthusiasts know almost every new product launching. There are several options for every product from which one can select. A newbie entering the cosmetic world always find themselves confused about product choice. When it comes to foundation, there are many types. One can find a clutter of these items in cosmetics. Also, these are expensive, so usually have custom foundation boxes for their packaging. Following are detailed outlines of popular types of foundations:

Powder foundation:

Powder foundation is often confused with face powder. These are completely different from the powder as they are highly pigmented. However, it is only suitable for oily skin and does not go well with dry skin. These are generally mineral or talc-based.

These are available in two forms, loose powder or tightly pressed. These mostly have their sponge for apply, but brush use is also feasible. Powder foundations are available in light or medium coverage. There are some drawbacks of such foundations. Firstly, these can cake up on too oily skin. Secondly, these are not long-lasting, and their effective duration is mostly about three hours. Lastly, these do not give as much coverage as other bases.

Cream Foundation:

Cream foundations have a thicker consistency. These are heavier than other foundations and give a longer wearing duration. Also, cream foundations are known for their smooth look. These do not crack or crease for a long time and keep skin hydrated. Also, cream foundations are best for dry skin.

These foundations give medium and thick coverage. It can easily hide skin blemishes and unevenness. However, there are also some drawbacks of cream foundation. Their thick consistency can cause cake up and crease. Most people find applying cream foundation difficult and are not able to create even loo. For this, usually, it is advised to use moisturizer and primer before its use.

Liquid Foundation:

Liquid foundation is the most common and popular type. The reason for this fame is their flexibility to work for all skin types. These are mostly oil or water-based. Also, most makeover newbies prefer this foundation as it is easier to use. One can apply these with anything sponges, brushes, and even for some people by fingers.

Liquid foundations are available in many shades. These are available in varieties to match every skin type. Also, liquid foundations vary in their coverage. These can give light, medium, and also heavy coverage. So select the fitting type and use it according to need. It can help even out the skin tone and hide light blemishes or cover pores and marks. Despite all these advantages, there are some downsides. It might clog the skin or pores and appear patchy in long wear. It is found that it can cause an increase in whiteheads and blackheads sometimes.

Mousse Foundation:

Mousse foundations are advanced foundations and are commonly known as whipped foundations. Their trend has been increasing and gaining more and more popularity. Most importantly, these are famed for lightness. These are light to wear due to the presence of microbubbles in their formation.

Mousse foundations give medium or heavy coverage. Apart from their lightness, these do not settle in skin ridges and lines. However, mouse foundations are not that long-lasting and wear off after about three hours. For applying this foundation, it is advised to use a brush or blender.

Serum Foundation:

Serum foundations are the latest form of foundation to enter the market. These are the perfect solution for oily skin. These are lightweight but give medium coverage. Also, serum foundations are available in a variety of shades. As these are watery and thin, it is advised to use a brush to apply them evenly. Most serum foundations last about two to three hours.


In conclusion, there are many popular foundations in the markets. All foundations are valuable and have their pros and cons. These luxury items are found in sealed packaging in the market. Also, all these different products have personalized packaging suitable for them. One can select the best product by custom foundation boxes that pinouts their type and qualities.

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