Strong Hair Growth Oil for All Hair Types

The advantages of applying oil into hairs are numerous including the protection of follicles from harsh washing agents, you may hear this from your grandma or study about it on the internet. You’ve probably heard this hair growth recommendation (pouring oil into scalps) from a ton of people, including mothers, grandmothers, relatives, and friends or even from strangers.

Hair oils are produced using essential oils and Carnation invests heavily in figuring out its ‘Strong Hair Growth Oil’ with the best, most flawless and natural rejuvenating oils to make the best oil for hair growth.


What does Hair Growth Oil do?


Oils are hair serum that help our scalps to stimulate hair growth in a sense of density and counts also.

  1. Gives Strength:

Oil creates a safety layer on weak frizzy and brittle hair strands increasing their strength and reducing the breakage of weak strands


  1. Provoke the hair growth

Beyond the crop, making use of oil with a massaging technique has a lengthy listing of advantages. “It stimulates bloodstream to reach the roots of hairs, resulting in the absorption of nutrients by scalps, helps in hair growth and nourishment. Hair massaging techniques also help in relieving stress, which is one of the elements contributing to hair loss.


  1. Save from heat damage:

By coating the hair, the oil creates a layer of safety for the hair shaft. Especially for those hairs that undergo different procedures for styling hairs like blow dry, hair straightener, dyeing hair and streaking. All these things make hair weak and dry.


  1. Hydrate & prevent from fizziness:

Castor oil and olive oil are rich in fatty acids and diet E, keep the hair strands hydrated by creating a layer around the hair cell, helps the moisture to stay in.


Which hair growth oil can be used?


Different types of oils are used for hair growth, hair fall and other benefits, every other oil is packed with different types of nutrients. When these oils are poured into the hair scalps, the hair strands are strengthened.

Always do a patch test just to know if you aren’t allergic to specific oil before pouring oil into your hair scalps to on the safer side


Other oils that can be used are:

  • Coconut
  • Sesame
  • Almond
  • Jaborandi
  • Argon
  • Amla


Write a way to apply hair growth oil:

Before applying oil we should carefully read the instructions of our preferred oil when it comes to how frequently to apply it. It is completely normal to use more than one hair product at the same time as long as you pair your hair boom oils with a shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hairs are clean and nourished as much as it should be. It is essential to follow the directions on your hair boom oil because some oils require you to use once daily while others are more frequently. The finest shampoos for hair growth oils are those that clarify the methodology.


It’s important to remember that a healthy scalp is the first step in hair growth. To stimulate the hair at the root, Hair Boom oils are massaged into the scalp. When your scalp has received a lot of attention, you can lift the product to the end.


Here are some steps:


  1. Pour some oil into hair scalps. Massage your scalp with fingertip in a circular passage
  2. Leave it overnight or (as mentioned by manufacturer) cover with a shower cap.
  3. Shampoo hair properly (Thoroughly rinse).


Why sometimes hair growth oils are not effective?


The scalps have natural pH levels that work as oil control. When we apply oil directly into our scalps it bars the follicles which lower the pH level below to its natural level. According to Ankar. Hair loss is directly linked with the pH level of your scalp that is why he does not encourage oiling hair.

And if you have dry or excessively oily hair it will result in more hair loss. Excessively oiling also disturbs the water and oil balance of scalps. It also stops the body’s natural oil production.

When we wash hair after oiling our hair, some residues of oil are still left on hairs even after washing because natural oils are not water-soluble. And when we go into the sun, the coating of oil layers on hair strands traps heat from sunlight inside the hair cells. Resultantly damaging the hair from inside due more heat and less moisture. It may look shiny but is rough in texture. So choose your oil wisely. Some oil brands offer water-soluble oil in a small percentage. Miracle Hair grow oil is also one of the water-soluble oils which is almost 70 percent natural and good to maintain your hair health.

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