10 Killer Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business Growth

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10 Killer Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business Growth

Is the sluggish growth of your business giving your sleepless nights? Cheer up, you can transform the gloom into joy by unlocking the limitless potential of digital marketing! Yes, strategic implementation of a properly chalked-out digital campaigning plan will make your brand appeal to a whopping population of internet users.

In April 2022, 63% of the world population, i.e., 5 billion people, used the internet, and 93% of them, i.e., 4.65 billion, were present on social platforms.

Still doubtful of venturing into the uncharted digital territory? Go through this post to learn about proven tips and ideas to put your business on the digital superhighway.

10 Most Powerful Digital Marketing Tips To Make Your Business Grow

Digital marketing, executed properly, can give a Midas touch to your business. Enhance your brand’s visibility, popularity, credibility, and sales with tips discussed below.

Get a Feel of Your Competitors’ Best Practices

Gaining a competitive edge over niche business adversaries requires you to make a clear statement of things that make you stand taller. This implies that you conduct in-depth research about digital marketing tactics adopted by competitors.

Go through their sites’ content, blogs, visual media, reviews, service offerings, etc., to finalize your strategies.

Make Your Business Website Mobile Responsive

Smart handheld devices are used primarily by internet users for online browsing. So, you may lose out on a significant chunk of prospective customers if your website is not mobile optimized.

Mobile responsive sites intuitively realign their content elements to offer a seamless browsing experience. Leads can be aesthetically wooed to click on the buy button with a great mobile-oriented site design that offers ease of navigation.

Publish Longer Blog Posts

Blogs are an integral part of the digital campaign. You can leverage blogging to drive more traffic by writing informative, comprehensive, and longer content. On Google, those blogs rank higher in search results (SERP) whose word count exceeds 1140 words.

Always resist the temptation of adding fluff to the blog to make it appear longer. This will adversely impact your SERP and dent your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Campaign Through Emails

The ROI of email campaigning is staggering.

After a subscription or purchase by a customer, send an automated thank-you email concisely carrying your latest offers, relevant product catalogs, and other updates. If a prospect has abandoned a shopping cart, trigger at least three automated mails to remind him/ her.

These and other proven practices will make your business shine.

Give A Humane Touch to Interactions

Customers are human beings and appreciate those gestures which are personal. You can get personal in your interactions by:

  • Addressing customers by names while sending emails
  • Making leads aware of deals that they can avail in respective localities
  • Exchanging views in conversational mode
  • Embedding live chat option in webpage
  • Setting up interactive quizzes
  • Responding to users’ comments on social media, liking and sharing them, and more

Utilize the Potential of Video Marketing

Visually appealing and explanatory videos can boost your marketing efforts like nothing else. Spellbind people with funny, innovative, informative, and engaging videos posted on social platforms, sent through emails, or embedded on your site’s webpage.

Users respond better to video ads, and click-through rates for video integrated emails are high.

You can use a reliable online video making tool to create compelling content that offers an immersive viewing experience to leads. If you can convert text to video from your existing blog articles, then your campaign will get wings as leads prefer watching visual content over reading.

Re-Target Past Customers

You must re-market your products to old customers. Cookies enable you to get insights into which sites these customers are frequenting.

Google Ads or ‘Custom Audience’ of Facebook allow you to suggest similar products to old customers on sites they land on. The probability of return purchases by re-targeted customers is really high.

Align Digital Strategies to Lead’s Marketing Funnel Journey In Customized Mode

A lead converts into a customer by moving through three phases that involve being aware of the product, considering it, and finally deciding to buy. To streamline these, you need to tailor your content for the best overview of products to leads.

  • Phase I: Offer an overview of your web store through friendly navigation cues and an intuitive interface
  • Phase II: Handhold them through product catalogs to showcase your corporate stature
  • Phase III: Have a strong call-to-action followed by ease of adding products to the shopping cart and checking out

Consider Subscribing To Paid Ads on Social Platforms

Popular social channels like Facebook have paid advertisement packs that promise to offer your brand the desired outreach to targeted audiences. Do you know that only a few businesses invest in such packs? Hence, the competition in this landscape is really low.

You can exploit this opportunity by creating custom pay-per-click drives that improve your brand’s visibility phenomenally among leads segmented by age, place, gender, and demographics.

Turn Micro-Influencers into Your Brand’s Advocates

You can impress upon qualified leads the superiority of your business’s offerings by leveraging the infectious charm of micro-influencers on social platforms. These influencers can be hired for a nominal fee, and they command the attention of about 1K-20K followers.

You can make them work for your brand by letting them promote your business. Their followers, when prompted, are more willing to take appropriate action in favor of your brand. This way, you can make steady inroads into localized segments of leads who are interested in converting.


Your digital marketing strategies need to be adaptable. Based on prevailing market trends and shifts in customer temperaments, you need to tweak them adequately to stay relevant.

Keep researching the market, competitors, and targeted leads, so you are not caught unawares when a tectonic move in the digital landscape happens. Try to reach out to prospects through all digital touchpoints in a strategic way. If the situation demands, invest in paid ads to grab interested eyeballs because such moves will pay rich dividends in the long run.

Digital marketing is continuously evolving. You need to keep yourself updated about the latest and cutting-edge technological interventions so that you can tap into their potential to grow your business.

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