Custom Backdrops: What Are the Best Fabrics?

The backdrop you choose will determine the final quality of the photos and images. You need to consider various things such as texture, color, lighting, etc. Choosing the right fabric for your custom backdrops will help you achieve your photography goals. 

Even though muslin and canvas are two of the most popular fabrics for custom backdrops, there are still many fabrics available in the market. Polyester-cotton blends or combinations are good for backdrops whereas, the matte fabrics are perfect for green screens. 

Whether you’re starting your journey as a photographer or want to amplify your knowledge, you need to pay close attention while choosing fabrics for your photo backdrops. This way you will be able to control the texture of your photos without putting effort into choosing location and editing. Continue reading the article to know more about the different types of fabrics for the photo backdrops. 


Canvas is undoubtedly an excellent fabric option for photo custom backdropsYou can use the canvas backdrops for different purposes, thanks to their versatility. This means that you don’t need to purchase multiple backdrops. Additionally, canvas backdrops won’t take much time or effort to install or remove, making them one of the best options for photoshoots in various locations. 

You will find different sizes as well as colors for the canvas backdrops so that you can easily select the perfect canvas background as per your requirements. You can easily fold the canvas backdrops while they are not being used. When you choose canvas as the fabric option for your custom backdrops, you will have full control over the size and color. 

Muslin custom backdrops

As mentioned earlier, muslin and canvas are two of the most popular fabric options for custom backdrops. As cotton is the primary material of muslin, they are much lighter than the canvas backdrops. This is why muslin backdrops are the most effective option if you travel a lot and prefer outdoor photography. Instead of carrying a huge backpack, you can easily carry the muslin backdrops and they won’t cause pressure. 

As per Master Class, muslin is lightweight and available in different colors and sizes. Even if you’re planning for indoor photography, you can use the muslin backdrops in every photoshoot you want. However, don’t make mistakes while choosing the colors and sizes of the muslin backdrops. If you choose backdrops of irrelevant size, you might fail to leverage their benefits. 

Polyester-Cotton Blend custom backdrops

After muslin and canvas, your next fabric option is the polyester-cotton blend. Just because we said that muslin and cotton are popular fabric options doesn’t mean that cotton-polyester backdrops are worthless. This blend is incredibly lightweight as well as flexible. Therefore, you can use them anytime you want. You can use them in different photography locations or at your primary photography studio. 

It doesn’t matter if you need a pattern or solid color for your custom backdrops, they will undoubtedly blend properly with the context of your images. They are also extremely transportable. Hence, you don’t need to worry about their storage options. 


These are the different fabrics for the custom backdrops. While choosing the backdrops, make sure the fabric is washable. Visit our website today to purchase the best backdrops. 

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