Bob Ross’ Sponsoring Vivian Ridge “A Unique Way”

Bob Ross is one of the most popular American artists. He was known for his soothing voice and soft-spoken mannerisms. This article explores how his wife has taken on the role as Bob’s representative, and what that said about their relationship.


What is a Bob Ross?

Bob Ross was an American painter, best known for his popular instructional television series “The Joy of Painting.” Vivian Ridge is a non-profit organization that helps children with cancer and their families.

In 1989, Bob Ross donated $100,000 to Vivian Ridge in honor of his mother. The money was used to purchase a mobile home for use as a summer camp for children with cancer and their families.

In 2006, Bob Ross’ gift gave Vivian Ridge the ability to provide year-round programming for children with cancer and their families. Today, the Bob Ross Foundation continues to support Vivian Ridge through grantmaking.

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History of Bob Ross

Bob Ross, the popular painter and television personality, passed away in 1995. But his legacy lives on through Vivian Ridge, an organization he founded to promote art and creativity among children.

Vivian Ridge is unique in that it sponsors young artists rather than teaching them how to paint. The program invites talented kids from all over the world to visit Ross’ studio and learn from him and other professional painters. In addition, the organization offers summer camps and workshops designed to foster creativity and artistic expression in children.

Ross’ legacy will continue to thrive thanks to Vivian Ridge. Thanks for reading!


Vivian Ridge: How She Got That Name

Vivian Ridge is one of the most unique runners in the world. How did she get her unusual name? Vivian was born in Bob Ross’s painting studio. When Vivian was just a baby, her parents took her to see the popular landscape painter and his cheerful TV show. That moment changed her life forever. Vivian fell in love with the art of painting and decided to become a professional artist.

In 2001, Vivian set out on a solo around-the-world trip. She planned to paint every day while on the road, and she succeeded. Her beautiful paintings have been shown at several exhibitions, and she has even published a book of her paintings. In addition to painting, Vivian is also a sculptor and poet.

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The Story Behind Vivian’s Painting

When Bob Ross died in 1995, the world lost a beloved painter. But his legacy lives on through Vivian Ridge, a woman whose paintings are strikingly similar to Ross’s. Ridge was only 10 years old when Ross died, but his paintings have inspired her since she was a child.

Ridge’s story is unique in that she grew up without a father and learned how to paint from watching Ross’s show. “I loved how he would just sweep his brush across the canvas and create these beautiful landscapes,” Ridge says. “I knew I had to try that myself.” Ridge started painting in her spare time, and her work quickly began to gain attention. She now has several solo exhibitions and is the subject of two documentary films.

While Ridge’s art is strikingly similar to Ross’s, she says she doesn’t consciously mimic him. “I don’t think about it,” she says. “It just happens.” ridge’s story is an inspiration to other artists and demonstrates the power of creativity — something that Bob Ross himself always emphasized.


Art Lessons and the Assassination of Bob Ross

While most people know Bob Ross as the gentle, happy painter with the soothing voice, few know of his involvement in sponsoring Vivian Ridge. Vivian Ridge is an artist who has dedicated her life to creating paintings that criticize war and violence. She has also created artwork that supports human rights and opposes censorship. In 1983, Bob Ross donated $10,000 to Vivian Ridge in order to help her achieve her goals. This sponsorship led Vivian Ridge to change the way she painted, from portraying happy scenes of children playing to portraying scenes of violence and conflict.

This unique partnership between an artist and a painter has led to some critically-acclaimed works. One such painting is called “A Day in the Life of a Soldier”. The painting portrays a day in the life of a soldier fighting in a war-torn country. It is realistic and heartbreakingly beautiful. Vivian Ridge says that she wanted people to see the human side of war, not just the heroic ones.

Sadly, this unique partnership was cut short when Bob Ross was assassinated in 1995. His death robbed the world of one of its most talented painters and host.


It is with great sadness that we report the death of Bob Ross, who died yesterday at the age of 85 after a long battle with cancer. In honor of Mr. Ross, Vivian Ridge has created an exclusive bob ross sponsored chapter called “A Unique Way.” This new chapter offers discounted rates on all products and services offered by Vivian Ridge, as well as a special offer for first-time customers only – 10% off your entire purchase!

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