Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

by Brandon Smith
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Smoke grenades are arguably the best grenade spot in Dust 2, but it has changed quite a bit since it was popular twenty years ago. Now, players avoid this famous spot and instead throw them out of the middle of a doorway. But there are some ways to get around this problem. These include skylights, smoke grenades, and HE grenades. Whether you want to be a top grenade player or simply be more effective, read about what ethnicity is Dwayne johnson.

Skylight is the 2nd best grenade spot in Dust 2

The skylight is the second best grenade spot in Dust 2. It was once used to throw a flash through while running, but it has been made more accessible to players. Instead of throwing through the skylight, you can throw a running jump throw on the middle grenade. Your grenade will fall straight down and hit everyone. Using this technique can keep enemies from seeing you when you are exiting the building.

Smoke is the 3rd best kind of grenade in Dust 2

The smoke X-box is one of the best spots to throw grenades in Dust 2. This spot is at the top right corner of a room and can be used with cat split or jumping throw. This type of grenade is excellent for killing enemies and filling gaps. However, you must use the classic view model to line up the smoke grenade.

HE grenade is the 3rd best kind of grenade in Dust 2

In Dust 2, the HE grenade is arguably the most versatile weapon you can use against enemy players. The HE grenade can be used to take out enemy campers, causing them to retreat from their positions. It can also be used to distract enemies, especially in open areas. You can carry up to three HE grenades at a time.

HE grenade can trick the enemy player

There are several different ways you can fool the enemy player in Dust 2 with HE grenades. One trick that is very effective is to use a running jump throw, which hits everyone in the area before the enemy player can even look at you. The other way to fool the enemy is by avoiding their sight with smoke and a HE grenade. While you are running, the grenade will bounce and cross through the mid-door.

HE grenade can be used to trick the enemy player by bouncing off the wall above

HE grenades can be used to finish off wounded opponents. The high explosive grenade (HEG) is a powerful weapon that can cause massive damage. By bouncing off walls, the grenade can trick the enemy into ignoring the explosion. This trick can change the outcome of a match in your favor, depending on the situation.


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