6 Ways To Bring Vegas To Your Home

There’s a reason Las Vegas is known as Sin City. A night in one of the city’s many casinos, clubs, or theatres is guaranteed to be wild; a night you and your friends will talk about for years to come, if you can remember it.


But you don’t need to spend a big chunk of change on a plane ticket and hotel room to capture some of that infamous Vegas magic. A Las Vegas themed night in can be just as much fun as a night on the Strip, with all the games, drinks, and glamour you would expect.


Here are a few tips to help you bring Las Vegas into your home.


Set a dress code

Las Vegas doesn’t do subtle, so jeans and a nice top simply won’t cut it.

If you’re hosting a Vegas night, ask your guests to come in their snappiest threads. The Vegas look is all about finding the perfect balance between class and sin, in the form of sparkling sequins, clingy dresses, sharp suits, loud prints and feathers.


Remember that there’s no such thing as ‘too much’, and don’t forget to take plenty of photos.



Just like the fashion, Vegas décor is both glamourous and wonderfully tacky.

Dim the lights and set up some fairy lights and tealights to create that club-like feel. For the colour scheme, stick to black and white, with big bold pops of red and gold.


Let your imagination run wild. Make garlands out of playing cards, hang red curtains over the doors, or make giant dice out of cardboard boxes.


Online casinos

Vegas without gambling is like New York without skyscrapers. Card games are a must, but for more various forms of gambling, it’s time to turn to online casinos.


There are plenty of sites online where you can find roulette, slots, and more, for the chance to win real money. To find the newest casino sites for your guests to play at, visit fruityslots.com, a comparison website for online casinos which will help you find the safest playground and the best value for money.


Signature cocktails

There’s a reason what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; it’s because nobody can remember it the next day.


Stocking up on plenty of drinks is a necessity for a Vegas themed night in, especially some fancy signature cocktails. Martinis, cosmopolitans, bloody Marys, and whisky sours are all great choices for your guests to carry between card tables.


For that extra touch of class, consider hiring a few waiters to carry drinks trays around the party.


A classy buffet

All that alcohol requires food to soak it up, and while Vegas might be best known for gambling and booze, anyone who’s been there will tell you they also put on a mean buffet.


When it comes to Vegas cuisine, the only word to do it justice is ‘decadent’. Crab legs, lobster tails, caviar, sushi, fresh fruits and vegetables are all on the menu, and should be beautifully presented.


Serve it in typical Vegas buffet style, so your guests can help themselves between rounds of Blackjack.


The right soundtrack

When it comes to a Vegas themed soundtrack, you have plenty of choice.


You may decide you want a consistent soundtrack; in which case the only option is Rat Pack. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr., and their gang are who helped transform Vegas into a global entertainment centre.


On the other hand, if you want a bit of variety, everyone from Elvis Presley to Britney Spears has performed in Sin City, so it’ll be easy for you to create a diverse playlist to please all your guests.


Don’t be afraid to have fun and let loose, and remember what happens at Vegas night, stays at Vegas night.

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