4+1 Savings tips for 2022

A new year begins, and with it, most likely, expenses will even increase according to the variation of the price index (CPI). That is why in order to turn your New Year’s goals into reality, it is very important to improve your personal finances. 


Surely you have tried before to save, cut expenses and maybe you have not been successful. However, if you get organized it’s not that difficult as long as you are persistent. Just as with long-term goals, the longer the duration, the more difficult you perceive it to be. That is why we recommend you take into account these 5 tips to make your saving process easier. 


  • Organize and set goals


This is the first thing you should do, because it will be easier to work for what you have already defined and will give you more determination to save. The necessary savings will vary if it is for a trip, going to the movies, a car, studies, or even all three. Remember to periodically review your finances, and to make it easier, keep track of them on any mobile device or computer to avoid mistakes or losing them. 


  • Build your budget


In order to know the amount you need for each goal. You need to identify monthly expenses and income to cut back a little. Although it may sound boring to sit down and calculate the money you earn and what you spend it on, it is key for you to achieve your goals. This way you will be clear about any extra expenses. In addition, reviewing your budget will allow you to identify unnecessary expenses so you can eliminate them.


  • Choosing your bank or cushion where to keep your savings


The best thing you can do is to keep your savings separate from your everyday money, to avoid the temptation to spend it and also, perhaps take advantage of generating dividends or additional returns by depositing them in a CDT. 


  • Define achievable goals


It is better to go little by little to create the habit and motivate yourself with the next goal to achieve. Avoid defining long-term goals, because this will make you lose interest in the objective. Also, be realistic with your finances and avoid setting expectations that you may not be able to meet.


Remember that no habit or undertaking is created overnight, so for this new year, organization, effort and discipline will be your best ally to turn your dreams into reality. 



Believe it or not, an infallible general saving tip is to reduce excessive expenses at home. Be it energy, water, groceries, among others. A very good option to save energy can be the use of solar panels. Although the initial investment is considerable, if it is seen in the long term it is a benefit for the whole family and therefore the savings will increase. You must be interested in reading How To Save Money By Fixing Your Own Water Heater


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