3 Ways To Collect Email Lists

For today’s entrepreneurs, including information promoters, email marketing is still one of the most effective and best direct marketing methods.

Authors, speakers, course creators, and other information product marketers know that the best way to successfully launch a product is to first expand the list of potential buyers by collecting customer emails in the form of lists. Then sell it.

But how do you quickly collect potential customer emails?

When you summarize, there are actually only three methods:

  1. Collect Emails
  2. Buy Ads
  3. Borrow

Let us discuss the specific content of each method one by one.

  • Collect new email subscribers

You need to create free content (website or blog) on ​​the Internet. When users find your website through search engines, you can collect visitor emails by logging in or subscribing.

Let’s break it down in detail.

First, you need to create blog posts, short videos, or social media posts that people can find online. If they find your blog post through search engines, and the short video platform shows your content, this time the visitor consumes your content and is attracted by your content, all you have to do is to collect them before the visit leaves the Email address.

You can exchange their email addresses by providing free content (free PDF files, free e-books, free lists, free training, etc.).

We all use the first method because it will not only increase our email list, it will also help us build authority in our field.

But the fact is that even if you publish top-notch content regularly, method one is a long-term game.

Using this method, you won’t increase your email list to 50,000 in a few weeks or months. This may take several years, and when this number is reached, some users may choose to cancel the subscription.

Although we will increase our email list year after year, an email list that adds 50,000 in a month is more valuable than an email list that adds 50,000 in a few years.

Method one must be done, but you should realize that in order to develop faster, you need to invest in method two and method three.

  • Purchase a targeted email list

Buying a targeted email list is not buying an email list from a company with a bad reputation. On the contrary, the purchase strategy refers to the placement of paid advertising.

Instead of generating free content online and publishing it on free platforms (such as your own website, social media channels), it is better to pay to the content platform to show your potential attractiveness or introduce offers to your ideal customers. You pay to get new leads.

Paid advertising is a viable strategy, provided you have a budget.

Although I don’t think any pre-list building strategy is suitable for established entrepreneurs or beginners, this kind of upfront financial investment is the reason why many beginners will not immediately switch to paid advertising.

The best way to pay for advertising is not to come from your personal pocket or credit card.

Anyway, the key here is that if you want to increase your email list by operating ads, you must have a plan for how you will pay for these ads week after week, month after month, this is not “investing first Lots of games, and then wait for good results in the future.

  • Borrow someone else’s email list

Wouldn’t it be great if someone is leading the way in building their email list for 5 years and giving you their user database?

They cannot do this because it is illegal. But they can be one of your channels, advertising to your audience on your behalf. When they do, their email subscribers can legally opt-in to your channel and become your subscribers. I think increasing your email list in this way is like fishing for bass.

When you use method one to collect email lists, you just sit there waiting for users to arrive. When you use method two, it’s like you put your bait into a huge lake with all kinds of fish-some you want, but some are not your target users.

When you use method three, you ask the owner of a small pond with only bass on private land to throw your bait in-then you can keep the fish you catch only the fish you want.

Which method do you think can catch a bunch of basses the fastest?

In fact, there are many ways to do this (such as hosting a joint venture webinar or virtual summit), but to do this, there are two keys:

  1. You must set up a funnel and describe your service in advance so that those who want to join your mailing list can choose to join.
  2. You have to compensate your joint venture partners financially, as they know, so they want to serve you from the beginning. You have to pay the owner of the pond to let you fish there. Otherwise, why would they do this?

Business owners need to recognize the importance of increasing their email lists and considering the budget and time they are willing to invest, they can adopt different strategies. But the easiest way is to buy targeted email lists from online professionals.

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