3 Prom Night Do’s For Parents That Their Child Will Love Them For

If you have a child attending prom anytime soon, you surely find yourself overcome with excitement and jitters thinking about their big day. Prom signifies a coming-of-age event for your child and calls for them to soon be ready for adult life and higher expectations. As a parent, you would want to do the most for your child’s big day, but many often find themselves confused and questioning the best course of action. 

If you are indeed a confused parent with a child soon to be attending prom, given below are three do’s that you should be paying heed to:

1-Do take tons of pictures

Your child is going to be embarrassed by you, ask you to stop, and shy away from posing, but be sure that whatever they do doesn’t deter you from taking lots of pictures of your child. Whether it is your son in a tux or your daughter in a prom dress, be sure to make them feel like a star for the night. Take pictures of them laying out their clothes and accessories, getting ready, stepping out of their room, revealing their look, and posing with their date. 

Be sure to get in as many photos as you can because while your child may be embarrassed now, they are going to look back at those photos and love you for capturing every moment of their big day. However, be sure not to act like a paparazzi and annoy your child to the point that it spoils their night. The key here is to be pushy but not too pushy.

2-Do help them find the perfect outfit

Whether it is your daughter or son attending prom, be sure to be every step of the way with them while helping them find an outfit for prom. Ask your child about their preferences as your son may want a traditional tux or may want to opt for something fun. Your daughter may want a floor-length prom dress or may wish to opt for something short and fun that they can dance the night away in.

When you do find a dress, be sure to help them find necessary accessories such as shoes and a bag. If your daughter is attending prom, help her find a boutonniere for their date, and if your son is attending prom, help him get a corsage.

3-Do get them a fancy ride

It is customary for kids to show off their ride to prom, and to ride together with the rest of their friends on the way to the prom’s venue. If your budget allows you to, be the parent that books their child and their friends a limousine ride to the venue. If you are short on funds, get in touch with other parents and divide the cost amongst yourselves.

To get your child their coveted ride, book a limousine rental agency that offers car and limousine services along with a driver that will safely drop your child at the venue. A simple Google search along with your state will bring up a list of car rental agencies. For instance, if you live in Florida, simply hop onto your computer and search “Car services in florida” for a relevant list.


Prom is a day that your child is going to remember for the rest of their lives. They are already going through a ton of emotions and you shouldn’t be doing anything that disturbs them even in the slightest. By following the above-mentioned do’s, you are sure to make Prom the highlight of the decade for your child.

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